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Industry Sectors

marine offshoreMarine and Offshore

One of the key market segments for Tube-Mac®’s non-welded piping technologies. Our TMI® 37° Flare Flange, TMI® Retain Ring and PYPLOK® technologies have been installed on a variety of ocean-going vessels and platforms. From drillships to oil rigs; from fishing boats to seismic ships; from bulk carriers to car carriers, Tube-Mac® has done them all. Applications vary from hydraulic piping for deck cranes and winches to fire suppression systems on cruise ships and oil rigs.

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The largest industry for complete field installed piping systems. Tube-Mac® has completed projects from $15 million (80,000 ft. of pipe) to as small as $5000 (100 ft. of pipe). Tube-Mac® can quote 'Turn Key' or 'Time & Material' with field installation technicians using portable tools & pipe fabrication equipment as well as project managers to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. Oil flushing and pressure testing is also a vital part of our supply to ensure the system is clean and leak free.

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All big three automotive manufacturers in North America have utilized Tube-Mac®’s non-welded piping technologies in their test facilities for road simulation and durability of components. PYPLOK® has proven to be the mechanical fitting of choice for paint and sealer lines. German car manufacturers specify Tube-Mac® non-welded piping technology as their key supplier due to many past successful installations.

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As market demands change, the need for lighter and stronger materials has caused the aluminum market segment to grow over the past years. Tube-Mac® has been a major supplier to specialized OEM’s in the aluminum industry from aluminum extrusion presses for aerospace to aluminum rolling mills for automobiles and trucks.

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Tube-Mac® has supplied piping systems for the Mining industry since 1977 most notably throughout North and South America and Australia. Due to the rugged nature of mining, most applications were for the operation of hydraulic equipment such as compactor drives, roll crushers, apron feeders, ball mills, rock crushers, strippers, scrap wash, cathode wash & anode preps and many more.

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land based rigs

Land-based Oil Rigs

Land-based rig business is totally dependent on the price of oil. When oil prices are high the rigs are in high demand with short deliveries. Customers are accustomed to Tube-Mac®’s quick delivery of parts and fully trained field services to get the job done. The benefits of Tube-Mac®’s non-welded piping solutions such as ease of installation, speed of cold worked technologies without all the time and costs associated with welding, make the choice simple.

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other industries

Other Industries

Tube-Mac® has successfully supplied piping systems to many other industries worldwide such as Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Rubber, Refinery and Chemical. Water Mist Fire Suppression is a growing market to which PYPLOK® has secured itself in the marketplace. Successful installations include the Madrid City Hall, Egyptian museums, Public Libraries, accommodation rooms on cruise ships and oil rigs, tunnels, high voltage transformers and Naval warships.

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