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Corporate News

New Distributor in The Netherlands (Benelux)

The Tube-Mac® Group is pleased to announce that the appointment of EPE-Goldman B.V. also known as EPG Hydraulistiks, as our new TM 37° Flare Flange and TM Retain Ring Flange products distributor in the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg).

EPG is a diversified company with its head office based in Schiedam. EPG has supplied and continues to supply hydraulic components for the Dutch industry since its founding in 1972. Their customers rely on EPG's hydraulic expertise and continuity.

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New Distributor in Korea

The Tube-Mac® Group is pleased to announce the appointment of DooSung Trading, as our new PYPLOK® distributor in South Korea.

DooSung is a diversified trading company with its head office in Busan, South Korea. They trade a variety of products from Germany, Japan, Italy, Sweden and Denmark to customers in Manufacturing and Marine and Offshore industries.

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