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Oil Flushing/Pressure Testing

The knowledge gained over the years enabled Tube-Mac® to develop and manufacture its own equipment to flush and pressure test all TMI® Piping Systems. The flushing units, which are portable, can pressure test and filter each piping system to the customer specified cleanliness levels usually within “hours”.

Tube-Mac®'s mechanical joint systems eliminate all the contamination pitfalls of a typical welded system. Because of the cold drawn scale-free pipe and non-welded connections, the need for costly internal acid chemical cleaning, neutralizing and flushing is a thing of the past. The environmental issues and high costs to dispose of the chemical waste is no longer a major concern when utilizing a TMI® Piping System.

By utilizing the TMI® Flushing Units and the system operating fluid any contaminants in the piping are removed and the system operating fluid is polished. Oil samples are taken and sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. Upon obtaining the desired cleanliness level, the TMI® Flushing Unit is disconnected and the piping system is now full of cleaned and polished system fluid that is ready for commissioning.

TMI® Flushing Units each have the ability to output 200 US GPM (760 litres/min) but they have been designed in such a way that multiple units can be joined together to obtain flushing capabilities of 6,000 US GPM (22,700 litres/min) or higher.

The result of this flushing service is a clean system with significant labour savings by the greatly reduced flushing time. The added benefits include the elimination of environmental issues and the elimination of the costs to dispose of any hazardous chemicals.