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Pipe Supports

Pipe Installation - Simple and reliable

With the exception of the Construction Series KS Clamps and the Clamps of the Light Series, there is no difference between the top and bottom halves. As it is impossible to confuse them, much time is saved during handling. This also applies to their mounting onto the weld plates or mounting-rails, as the lower half of the pipe clamp only needs to be slid onto either welded-on nuts (weld plate) or insert nuts (mounting rail). Therefore, only a few instructions are required for the correct mounting of pipes with STAUFF Pipe Clamps:

1. Please ensure that weld plates or mounting-rails are firmly supported according to individual stress. Minimum welding length is = to minimum welding plate width.

2. It is recommended that STAUFF Pipe Clamps be installed at intervals according to support spacing charts.

3. Pipe bends should be supported by STAUFF Pipe Clamps as near to the bends as possible (see illustration).


Shearing Force Diagram

The forces shown in these diagrams are those taken up by the clamps in the axial direction. The sliding friction starts, when the shown values are reached.

Pipe Supports - Layout Data for Pipe and Hose