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flare flange37º Flare Flange

The flared configuration is based on flaring the pipe ends to 37 degrees and utilizing flanges and internal cones. O-Ring face cone with o-ring seal mating to flat face cone. Both internal cones have back-up o-rings.

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retain ringRetain Ring Flange

The retain ring configuration uses heavy wall pipe and has a machined butt end face, along with an annular groove on the outside diameter.

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The PYPLOK® connecting system is a weld-less, thread-less way to join pipe. It has a successful history in the most demanding environments where fire safety is essential as well as a quick and easy solution to maintenance repairs.

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supplementalSupplemental Products

Hydraulic fluid under pressure can be potentially dangerous! An explosive burst or stream of fluid can cause damage to equipment or serious injury to persons nearby. Tube-Mac® supplies and uses only the finest hydraulic hoses and couplings which meet and exceed SAE standards.

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